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Select Cloud Kitchen is an innovative interpretation of the traditional food business model. We provide a centralised kitchen for any F&B business to prepare and deliver food with ease.

Join our Cloud Kitchen to start or expand your delivery-oriented food business today.

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Select Cloud Kitchen

We are a cooking and food preparation facility that is customised for food delivery meals. We provide kitchen spaces and extensive services so that you can focus on what really matters, the food.

Save on Costs

Eliminate the extravagant costs of setting up a physical store. A delivery-based system drastically reduces rental and labour costs as compared to traditional outlets. All you need is a small team of Master Chefs.

Delivery Made Easy

Let us manage your delivery orders. We liaise with the delivery riders at our front desk and send your orders out efficiently. Less confusion, less stress, more cooking!

Scale with Ease

Easily enter new regions and rapidly grow your business. Our kitchen locations are carefully chosen based on experience to maximise delivery potential in the heartlands.


All inclusive kitchen space and delivery management system when you join our Cloud Kitchen. Our kitchens range from 120 sq ft to 250 sq ft but we are happy to accommodate to any special requests. From managing orders to maintenance of the facilities, we got you covered.

Who’s Cooking?

Select Cloud Kitchen is working with people who are in the food manufacturing business and looking to tap into the food delivery market.

The Explorers

Restaurants who want to scale their business by expanding into a new region for delivery.

The Entrepreneurs

New Businesses who want to introduce their food to consumers quickly and conveniently.

The Thrifty

Restaurants who want an affordable alternative to selling their food in physical stores.

Scale with Ease

Our Cloud Kitchens are located in carefully chosen areas that maximise delivery potential in the heartlands. Expand your business with us easily when you tap into highly populated regions around Singapore. With our cloud kitchens located near housing estates in Tampines and Yishun, your business will be able to serve residents in the neighbourhood and provide convenience to them.

Our Kitchens

Find out more about our kitchens that have been chosen after rounds of expert analysis. Each location is carefully chosen based on its large population of residents who often order food delivery.

Open For Tender

Yishun North Spring Bizhub

Introduce your food to both residential and industrial estates from this unique location in the North.

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Open For Tender

Tampines Mart

Strategically located at an area with the best resident demographics, making it highly suited for delivery-based food operations.

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